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Cinephiles and Movie Buffs, Rejoice! The 56th New York Film Festival is Almost Here!


Now In Its 56th Year, The New York Film Festival Returns To Celebrate Our Love Of Film

Fall is fast approaching, and its return heralds in one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year - the 56th New York Film Festival (NYFF56).

Running from September 28 to October 14, screenings will soon start to light up the various venues at Lincoln Center. Founded in 1963, the mission of celebrating and bringing together the work of both the legendary actors and filmmakers, as well as celebrating fresh new talent from around the globe remains the same. So to remains the process of carefully curating all of the new movies that are shown throughout the entire two week period.

All sections of the Film Festival are not equal

Even though the New York Film Festival has the distinction of being a non-competitive event, there are specific designations paid to the most significant premieres that still set them apart from the rest. Annually, 30 films are selected for the festival’s Main Slate. These are the films that you can expect to see peppering the critics’ “Best Of” lists at year’s end. And, with an even further pronouncement of their importance, three films are given the illustrious labels that set them apart from the other 27. This years picks are:

The Main Slate selections may romance and win us over in the press, but there are others that deserve just as much acclaim. These “spotlights” on Documentary, Projections (avant-garde film), Convergence (interactive storytelling), and Revivals (restorations and rediscoveries) round out the festival, promising something for every movie buff and devoted cinephile.

Never being limited to just movie screenings, the festival also entertains us with a wide variety of glamorous events and lively, interactive panel discussions with the actors, directors and filmmakers.

With the excitement building, The New York Film Festival is already being marked on everyone's calendar. And, lucky for us, The Manhattan Club is just a short walk away from Lincoln Center, making us the perfect destination for your silver screen stopover.