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Hotel Receivership and Loan Resolution

Highgate, through its affiliates, is involved with lenders across the US in the loan resolution process, at times preparing workout evaluations and also acting in the capacity of Receiver. We have deep experience in this field, having served as Receiver for 200+ financially distressed hotels including large urban assets (branded and independent), lifestyle, luxury, resorts and select service segments.


For Special Servicers and Lenders, we provide services to stabilize assets and recover value, including:

  • Court Appointed Receivership Services
  • Expense Containment Strategies
  • Brand Assessment And Negotiation
  • Asset Disposition Assistance
  • Emergency Capital Projects Support
  • Revenue Management & Distribution


We have developed an exclusive work out process that supports both the hotel and lender’s needs. Capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct physical and financial asset audits to develop strategic plans and identify immediate cost savings and additional revenue opportunities.
  • Specialized operating team that can deploy at a moment’s notice and can quickly take control of the hotel.
  • As one of the largest hotel managers in the country with operational leaders in nearly every state, Highgate has both the team and resources to take on any type of hotel in any area of the country.
  • Powerful accounting system equipped to handle complex finances and compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley, the SEC, and state and local tax reporting that can deliver accurate, timely and fully customizable reports.
  • Access to Highgate’s global buying power and centralized purchasing to help secure best-in-class pricing on products and services that enhance revenues, reduce cost of goods, and drive value.
  • Largest union employers in the nation that can manage any complex union situation.
  • Strong relationships and influence with all the major hotel brands.
  • As the largest operator of independent hotels in the country, Highgate has a robust proprietary distribution capability that allows our team to generate significant room revenues without the need for a brand which provide more long-term flexibility.
  • Large in-house technical development and capital projects team that can quickly implement any necessary capital projects to ensure the building and its guests are protected.

To learn more or start the process, email Richard Millard at


  • Richard Millard, Managing Director
  • Joseph Klam, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Merav Segev, Senior Vice President of Operations
  • Rosalyn Smith, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Amie Ravitz, Deputy Labor Counsel
  • Justin Mapes, Deputy General Counsel